MirageOS and OCaml stuffs.
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Hello World!

Hello World! I'm Romain Calascibetta and this is my blog/notes about what I do with my computer. It's mostly about MirageOS stuff where I did some work on it and I want to use it for everything.

Currently, I took a bare-metal server to be able to virtualize my unikernel with KVM. This server uses currently 4 unikernels:

Of course, I'm not an admin-sys and even if I trie to use my work, I suspect that the way to deploy my unikernels is not the best. But, eh, it's work.

The purpose of this blog

It's hard to follow resources about MirageOS like "how to make an unikernel" or "how to plug a data-store", etc. The MirageOS ecosystem is quite large and sporadic. My goal is not to provide the way to make your unikernel but try to describe some ways.

MirageOS & OCaml

Of course, as an OCaml developer, I will talk about OCaml mostly and what we currently do with this language and MirageOS.

Some others notes

And because it's my blog, I can write what I want. Excuse me for my english, I'm french and it can be hard for me to translate all of my mind in english.