MirageOS and OCaml stuffs.
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Hello, I'm Romain Calascibetta, developer and member of the MirageOS Core team. I mainly do OCaml, some C and I like drawing, guitar and politics. Here is my blog for my notes about MirageOS and OCaml and some little notes in French for sure.

You can check what I do on GitHub or on Finally, you can follow me on twitter and Mastodon. If you want to do a epistolary exchange with me, you can send me an email to:

Essays and ramblings

  1. 2024-02-11 Cooperation and Lwt.pause

    A disgression about Lwt and Miou

  2. 2023-10-09 Rules of Miou!

    A description of the Miou design and its rules

  3. 2023-09-08 Miou, a simple scheduler for OCaml 5

    A description of the Miou scheduler

  4. 2023-05-05 The MirageOS retreat (01/05/2023)

    A little overview of this retreat

  5. 2023-01-03 Deploy an SMTP service (3/3)

    How to deploy a SMTP service to receive emails

  6. 2022-12-15 Deploy an SMTP service (2/3)

    How to deploy a SMTP service to send emails

  7. 2022-12-06 Deploy an SMTP service (1/3)

    How to deploy your own SMTP service

  8. 2022-11-14 Reproducibility!

    How we can manage reproducibility in OCaml

  9. 2022-07-22 GADTs and state machine

    A little introduction about GADTs

  10. 2022-06-02 Spoke, how to implement a little cryptographic protocol

    A simple how-to to understand how we implement protocols for MirageOS

  11. 2022-04-21 Pasteur is up!

    A description of pasteur with MirageOS 4

  12. 2022-04-12 optint, 32-bits, 64-bits architecture and optimization

    An introduction about optint, a little library to help you to support 32-bits architecture and 64-bits architecture

  13. 2022-04-11 Again, re-update of my blog after 2 years.

    A setting in abyme about this blog!

  14. 2020-03-31 Release cycle about SMTP stack

    A description of the incoming SMTP stack.

  15. 2020-03-14 Eq(af), timing attack!

    A description of the new release of Eq{af}

  16. 2020-02-27 Tuyau, the next conduit

    An introduction about `tuyau` which wants to solve the Conduit's problem.

  17. 2020-02-17 Functor, Application and magick!

    A little trick about *functor*

  18. 2020-02-08 MirageOS compilation

    A little explanation about the MirageOS compilation design

  19. 2020-02-06 Hello World!

    My first article which explains the goal of this blog